Deliberate Designs came to be from a need to do more than just figure out a way to sell something. The owner, Jill Ann Rolfes after many years as a stay at home mom and ten years as a professional taste tester,decided she didn't want  a job that only benefited her and her family. Growing up in her church in Loveland, Ohio she heard the message of fair trade from a friend. 

Fair trade is when a community comes together to make products. Usually this is in impovershed areas in third world countries. A wholesaler will then pay them a fair and living wage for their products. The wholesaler will then sell those products to stores. Sounds simple? Well it is and it isn't. It does make sense and it seems like it is the logical thing to do. But in today's world some have taken advantage of the poor by paying them the equivelant of pennies for their work. Why would someone do that? Because you will keep them in poverty (making them slave labor), you can make more of a profit (greed) and you are guaranteed that they will always want to work for you because they have nothing else. 

Fair trade is trying to break the chains of slave labor and human trafficking. Families are taught a skill and are able to get out of the poverty cycle and they can send their children to school.The bonus for fair trade is, not only are you helping people from selling their children into slave labor- or into prostitution, you get quality handmade items at a great price!! 

Deliberate Designs was created because they want to represent artists and workers from as many different countries as possible. Not just jewelry or just baskets. But jewelry and baskets and clothes and toys and dishes! An ever changing supply of art and useful inventory so you can find something new every time you visit. 




Global products showcasing the beauty of many cultures.


Deliberate Designs has made a commitment to bring to it's customers the finest in designs from around the world. We search for hours looking for the just right piece that will bring smiles to faces. We have purposely set out to represent as many countries as possible. By doing this it will assure that the products that we sell will be varied. It will also be changing on a regular basis. The most common item will be jewelry. It's the one thing that is constantly asked to be stocked. BUT- jewelry will also be rotating so that fresh designs will be available. 

So check in on a regular basis to see all the goodies that you can't find in your local stores!

What does Deliberate Designs do besides this online store?

We travel in the spring thru fall to communities, businesses, parties,churches, festivals and more. We can be found at Art on Vine in the winter and the Summer of "18 at WestSide Market in Cheviot.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see where we are going to be. If you know a business that would like to partner up to have some fun or treat their clients/customers, please contact us.